Three Communication Technologies to Implement in 2017

Three Communication Technologies to Implement in 2017 WebinarToday, we are in a consumer communication and education business – educating them on their accounts, their options, and how best to manage their obligations. It has never been more important to focus on delivering the right message, via the right channel, at the right time. RevSpring’s 2017 Webinar series will focus on how organizations can more effectively engage with consumers to drive the desired outcomes.

The 2017 series will kicks off with “Three Communication Technologies to Implement in 2017.” In this webinar, learn how inbound IVR, email, and electronic signatures can take your consumer communication program to the next level.

We will cover how consumers habits have shifted toward a self-service model and key things you should look at as you evaluate self-service and digital communication offerings.

Some highlights include:

  • Customer service as a top priority. Today’s customers reward or punish companies based on a single experience. Are all your communication and payment tools fine-tuned for a top-notch consumer experience?
  • Evaluating your current inbound IVR offering. Are you able to take payments over the phone without an agent? Is your script difficult to comprehend, only available in one language or requires multiple actions for a consumer to get to the information they need?
  • Are you using your email program to its fullest potential? Email technology has advanced – are you using email to reach your customers in an effective way and promoting a consumer friendly, self-service atmosphere?
  • Simplify the task of obtaining required consumer signatures using eSign technology. Have you enabled your agents to work with consumers to complete all required forms and receive the signature on a single call? We’ll share how organizations are seeing 60% of forms returned completed with the required consumer signature.