Online Best Practices to Drive Consumer Response

Online Best Practices to Drive Consumer Response WebinarConsumer demand for convenience, ease, and satisfaction has significantly shifted how and when a consumer decides to pay a bill. Consumers continue to adjust their payment approaches to suit their needs. In fact, 90 percent of households (nearly 21 million households) change how they pay bills from one month to the next, according to a recent survey. In RevSpring’s upcoming webinar “Online Best Practices to Drive Consumer Response” RevSpring will present key factors and considerations that can improve how organizations regard their online payment processes and portal on May 23, 2017.

This webinar will highlight the following best practices:

SIMPLE: When consumers are ready to pay – they want to make a payment that is seamless and simple. Difficult-to-find account information, confusing navigation, and too many options can cause a consumer to abandon your portal and not make that crucial payment.

SPEED: Payment options must complement your consumers’ busy lives and must be available 24/7. Real-time options, including the ability to pay using various payment forms, emergency payment options and scheduled payments are becoming increasingly necessary.

SECURE: When a consumer makes a payment – they want to be assured their payment is safe and is processed quickly. Consumers value safeguards and features that enable them to control various aspects of their payments, such as the ability to stop transactions, view transactions, and turn cards on and off.

PERSONAL: Your online payment portal and program must provide opt-in options that enable the consumer to self-service, manage their account, and choose what communication and notifications they wish to receive and on what kind of medium.

Register for this informative webinar that will provide you and your organization with the latest best practices and online payment trends to provide the best experience to your consumers.