Before an official audit, your healthcare organization needs to identify any major or minor risks that may impact your formal security audit. Our data security and revenue cycle management experts know where all of the potential audit pitfalls and security issues may be hiding in your systems. We can help you identify any security issues that put your systems at risk for a data breach or non-compliance.

Our experts won’t leave you with a list of problems to fix. We will help you prioritize your remediation efforts in the best interest of your organization and prepare you for your formal audit.

Audit Preparation

Improve your probability of a successful PCI DSS, HITRUST, or other security or compliance audit with a comprehensive risk assessment to identify weaknesses.

Third-Party Vendor Assessment

Thoroughly vet and assess your vendors and partners to ensure they follow the same security and compliance standards that you set for your organization.

PCI DSS Assessment

Ensure compliance with the 250+ controls within the PCI DSS required for organizations that transmit, process, or store credit card information.

PCI DSS Scanning

Get your required quarterly external vulnerability scan using our accredited security tools and processes. We will guide you to a successful PCI DSS scan.

Penetration Testing

Go beyond simple vulnerability scans by conducting simulated penetration testing to see how your IT infrastructure would react to a malicious attack.

Policy Development

Establish authoritative IT policy requirements to enhance your healthcare organization’s data security and day-to-day operations from top to bottom.

Achieve All of Your Compliance Goals

Our certifications uniquely position our data security and compliance experts to help your organization adhere to multiple security standards tailored to meet your goals and priorities.

  • PCI DSS Approved Scanning Vendor
  • PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor
  • HITRUST Accredited
  • FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organization

Is your healthcare organization at risk? Get peace of mind with a comprehensive risk assessment.

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