Engaging families one at a time

RevSpring’s approach to family financial engagement starts with an understanding of the family – their unique care journey, financial situation, and communication preferences.


Serving 41 Children’s Hospitals across the US, RevSpring solutions are popular with family-focused organizations because our empathetic approach to financial engagement and payments allows you to extend the same level of care and compassion you provide to each young patient’s healthcare experience – to their family financial experience.

With RevSpring, every point of financial engagement is consistent and appropriate, from the point of registration, to the billing experience, to digital notices, to the call center.

We believe that when the financial path for families is clear, it lightens the feeling of financial burden. Partnering with a large Midwest children’s hospital to focus on a consistent and caring family financial engagement strategy gave families the information and support they needed, increasing all payment 30% in one year, and driving portal payments to twice the industry average of hospitals with a strong engagement strategy.

When families have the financial engagement support they need, they can focus on the health of their children and not the complexities of the billing experience.

Our family financial engagement solutions:

  • Increase self-pay by up to 50%
  • Support your brand through every financial touchpoint
  • Tailor payment options to the unique needs of each family
  • Decrease revenue cycle administrative burden
  • Deliver convenience of digital communication and payments that families want and expect

View our infographic for more insights that result in financially engaged families.

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