Cash flow and reimbursement are two of the most pressing challenges for ambulatory practices. We give your practice the technology and intelligence to deliver tailored communication and payment options to each of your patients.

This payment personalization, coupled with engagement communication solutions that decrease no shows and missed appointments, positively impacts your bottom line.

Print Billing Statements for Medical Practices

The subtlest details on a print billing statement can make the difference between patients taking a payment action or not. We bring intelligence to your print statements to boost response rates and drive desired patient behaviors.

Every print statement is unique. We utilize the latest technology and analytics insights to create statements tailored to each patient’s preferences, financial circumstances, and payment histories. Here are some of the ways we build intelligent print statements using the colors, fonts, layouts, and language that inspire action:

  • Gaze Path Analysis
  • Heat Map Eye Tracking
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Patient Panels
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Propensity-to-Pay Analysis
  • Patient Demographics
  • Payment Histories
print billing statements for medical practices
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