Make Front-Office Patient Communications Anything but Routine

Improve patient communication at the front end of the revenue cycle and capture the Voice of the Patient with online surveys. Our advanced technology and simplified workflows keep lines of communication open and engagement high to optimize patient communications, practice adherence, and practice performance.

Contact your patients via phone, text, email, and app reminders to streamline the notification process by establishing a hierarchy of communication methods. Our reminders listen to your patients and react to their responses. Our automated appointment reminder software is proven to reduce no shows and optimize scheduling opportunities. Learn more.

Send automated phone calls, text messages, and emails from any location using any device with a wireless or internet connection in just three simple steps. Our broadcast messaging capabilities make it easy for your practice to keep your patients informed. Learn more.

Use automated outreach to send campaigns to your entire patient population or customize messages based on the type of service due, including detailed instructions. Our clinical outreach solution is a key component of providing preventative and quality care. Learn more.

Keep a pulse on patient satisfaction to improve care delivery. Our patient survey solutions automatically send electronic satisfaction surveys via text or email immediately following patient visits. Surveys respect patient confidentiality and result in response rates of more than 40 percent and completion rates of more than 97 percent. Learn more.

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Leave Payments and Reconciliations to the Finance Experts

Our merchant payment services empower your patients to make self-service payments quickly and securely while giving your practice peace of mind with our reconciliation services.

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Leverage Multiple Modes of Communication to Keep Appointments on Track

Automated medical appointment reminders via each patient’s preferred communication channel can decrease no-show rates by 80 to 100 percent. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Tailored patient outreach at all stages of the patient experience can improve patient satisfaction, reduce office waiting times, and decrease cost of care.

Our suite of front-office solutions provides the appointment reminders, broadcast messages, clinical outreach, and satisfaction surveys that are critical to patient engagement.

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