The key to providing a positive, consumer-friendly experience with financial communications is to utilize multiple channels optimized to consumers’ communication and payment preferences. Learn more about our custom-designed digital communication solutions for government.


Deliver communications faster and reduce mailing costs while giving consumers the convenience of receiving and responding to messages anytime, anywhere, from any device with a wireless or internet connection. With advanced tracking and analytics, you’ll know which documents have been opened, ignored, or bounced so your systems can trigger automated workflows.

Encourage Online Payments

Opt-in emails notify consumers of balances due and past due as well as direct them to make payments online via the payment portal or over the phone via IVR.

Built-In Redundancy

If an email communication bounces or is ignored, the same statement can be printed and sent automatically via the USPS in a timely manner.

Secure Communications

To ensure security, consumers must validate their identity before viewing any communication.

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Recipients read 98 percent of all text messages. With smartphone penetration at an all-time high for every age group, texting has become a critical means of reaching consumers anytime, anywhere. Enable opt-in text messages for payment reminders, late notices, receipts, and post-dated check reminders. Include Text-to-Pay and provide consumers the most convenient way to pay their financial obligation with a stored payment method – without leaving the text message.

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Electronic Signatures

Offer consumers a fast and easy way to sign documents from any location on any device with a wireless or internet connection. Our e-signature solution ensures form completeness, reduces time and effort to collect signatures, and is automatically uploaded to your system to trigger the next step in your workflow.

electronic signatures for government


Our partnership with Adobe Sign ensures you get the best in encryption, password protection, and compliance for your important documents and accounts.

Real Time

With just a few clicks, you can email documents for signature, obtain signatures, and receive signed documents in moments, especially while a staff member is live on the phone with a consumer.


We automatically send copies of completed documents to all parties and store them online using our secure servers to create an accurate audit trail.

Legally Binding

All documents signed electronically are the legal equivalent to written signatures and comply with the requirements of the Electronic Signatures Act.


Send automated reminders to encourage prompt signatures, receive email notifications when files have been signed, and track the status of all files out for signature.


Works for any document: authorizations, consent, identity theft, opt-in, Regulation E, and more.