We tailor the payment conversation to influence behavior and inspire action. Our advanced business intelligence and segmentation capabilities help banking institutions become hyper-focused on the consumer and their unique payment pathways.

Use consumer behavioral patterns, preferences, and predicted outcomes to increase response to collection efforts and create a positive consumer experience.

Leverage Business Intel to Power Decision Support

Our business intelligence shows you how to maximize engagement while maintaining exceptional consumer experience. Through advanced analytics and business intelligence tools, we give your staff at-a-glance dashboards to track consumer outreach, payment, and real-time receivables management intel.

Our custom dashboard allows you to see what’s working, track your key metrics, and optimize your engagement workflows.

Analytics and Insights

  • Automate consumer engagement using predictive modeling, segmentation, and business rules
  • Identify trends and track KPIs
  • Utilize design analytics and a custom visual analytics dashboard


  • Run sophisticated A/B split tests to understand consumer behaviors and select the most effective option
  • Correlate data to actions performed
  • Conduct custom focus and control groups
  • Identify areas to improve consumer outreach, design, and calls to action to influence behavior

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