RevSpring’s Vu™ Analytics platform gives you the insight to maximize your communication and payment strategy in an easy-to-use dashboard.  Understand how emails are delivered, and quickly identify trends by ISP, device, subject line, and more to drive down costs and maximize your omni-channel communication strategy.  Vu also includes important data about print and payment performance, giving you actionable intelligence into your collection performance.

Leverage the Power of Data Insights

We help you understand trends across your business, or within a business unit so you can update communications or communication methods. Actionable data helps you understand the vital details such as email open rates, clicks, and bounces, and quickly identify any browser or email provider issues. Drill down to reveal trends by looking at daily statistics or device specific details. Combine that with payment and print and mail data to identify trends to act on quickly, saving you time and money.

Inbox Performance

  • Open, click and bounce rates
  • Browser and device
  • Performance by provider
  • Reputation Monitor

Business Performance

  • One dashboard with email, letter and payments data and trends
  • Ability to pull in external data
  • Detailed drill down
  • Customizable branding
  • Download results to your system of record

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