Precise Patient Engagement Drives Better Payments

OmniChannel means understanding what works. Patients may appear similar but their digital behavior varies.


Connect with patients in ways that work

As patients cope with stressful health and financial concerns, effective communication is critical. OmniChannel intelligence reveals patient preferences—and behaviors—that make effective communication easy. With OmniChannel, providers increase patient loyalty and realize measurable results:

  • Increase self-service payments by 85 percent
  • Reduce call center volume by 30 percent
  • Reduce print and related costs by 30 percent

The Power of OmniChannel

Knowing the channels patients prefer is the key to inspiring action. Precise engagement means better results.

eVoke™ Digital First

IVR Advantage™

eVoke™ Printed Communications


Go digital first & optimize results

Digital engagement increases safety for patients and staff, improves patient satisfaction—no matter where they are on their financial journey—and delivers compelling financial benefits for providers. RevSpring customers have realized the following documented benefits from adopting a Digital Doorways strategy:

  • 30 percent reduction in engagement costs
  • 20X improvement in digital engagement, including email, phone, and SMS
  • 95 percent attendance rate among patients receiving digital reminders
  • 80 percent “self-serve” payment rate among patients who engage digitally

Digital Doorways: Passageway to a Better Patient and Provider Experience

Digital doorways can improve patient engagement no matter where a patient – or healthcare provider – happens to be in their adoption of digital solutions.

Consumer Price Shopping Tool

Pre-Service Estimation

Automated Appointment Reminders

Virtual Waiting Room

Consent Management

Digital Payment Options


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