Cut Costs & Improve Outcomes by 30% with Digital–Guaranteed!

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Payment Tagline Needed (CINDY)

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  • 44% higher payment rate through self-service options
  • Patients paying 7 days faster


Harness the power of OmniChannel Communications

An OmniChannel communications approach—based on digital automation and smart analytics—allows you to seamlessly connect with patients according to their stated preferences and actual behavior.

The benefits for healthcare organizations are impressive:

  • Yield improvements of 3-7% when combined with personalized payments
  • 80% of patients paying digitally

The Power of OmniChannel

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Smart digital engagement that drives results

Don’t sacrifice yield—or patient satisfaction—with smart digital engagement. We team with patient experience and digital innovators to deliver results that include:

  • Reducing print and related costs by 30% or more
  • 20X improvement in digital engagement by integrating digital assets

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