The Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) industry continues to adapt to the changing business environment. More than ever, agencies must implement cutting edge tactics and strategies to reach their customers, while remaining fully compliant. Your business – and the methods you employ – will continue to change as we flow into 2017.

Please join RevSpring for our next free webinar, “Trends to Watch for 2017.” Topics covered during the webinar will include:

  • Communicating the Right Message – It is imperative receivables management organizations strive to educate consumers and credit grantors about options while providing a positive, consumer-friendly experience.
  • Using the Right Channel – Receivables management organizations must offer multiple contact points based on consumer preference and convenience.
  • Delivering at the Right Time – Companies should leverage the data they collect to improve processes and maximize communication touchpoints.

Staying ahead of the industry curve is imperative to ensure your business is successful in 2017.

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