RevSpring invites you to attend its 2017 Healthcare Summit, a one-day, online classroom and forum for revenue cycle, patient payment, and healthcare engagement. The series is aimed to educate and facilitate conversation on patient experience.

“This virtual summit is an opportunity to bring together our valued customers and subject matter experts to learn and understand each other’s opportunities and needs,” says Marty Callahan, President of Healthcare Markets at RevSpring.

Hosted on November 29, with five sessions throughout the day, the conversations will be led by RevSpring’s healthcare leadership team including Marty Callahan, Casey Williams, April Wilson, Dan Richards, Ken Walsh, and Ben Nero and will focus on the following topics:

  •     2018 Revenue Cycle Trends Roundtable
  •     Delivering Superior Payment Experiences
  •     Segmentation and Analytics for Revenue Cycle
  •     Beyond Appointment Reminders: 360 Patient Engagement
  •     Measurable, Engaging Communication Design

Take advantage of the holiday low season to double-check your 2018 planning and focus on improving the patient experience by participating in this educational summit. Registration is unlimited; attend as many sessions as you’d like for free. Click here to register.

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