RevSpring saves clients a significant percentage of their current lettering costs by utilizing RevData, a suite of address scrubbing services. RevSpring quoted Gila LLC, a company that provides outsourced collections, payment processing and call center services for governmental entities, financial and higher education institutions, that it could save $125,000 in lettering costs. RevSpring stood firm on its analysis and was willing to contractually obligate itself to delivering such savings.

RevSpring’s offers products tailored for the Accounts Receivable Management market that make such savings possible. In the case of Gila, RevSpring was able to reduce mailing costs by incorporating some of its address hygiene services.

  • Unlike most business process outsourcing firms, RevSpring does not mail to addresses identified as Moved Left No Forward. RevData offers several address scrubbing services to help suppress undeliverable letters. For Gila, RevSpring used a standard National Change of Address (NCOA) scrub, which allowed undeliverable mail to be identified and suppressed prior to the collection letter being printed and mailed. Thus, the client is only charged the cost of the NCOA scrub, saving the cost of printing and mailing an undeliverable letter.
  • A pre-sort automated discounted postage rate is locked in for all clients, ensuring companies such as Gila will not be charged more than the agreed upon rate. With other vendors, clients may be charged more based on that day’s mail volume and pre-sort distribution. RevSpring’s standard procedures eliminate any postage cost variation.
  • Letter householding was another RevData service that helped reduce Gila’s mailing costs. By combining letters addressed to the same individual, RevSpring minimizes the single piece rate, enabling up to four letters to be mailed to the same responsible party for the postage cost of a single envelope.
  • RevData’s address hygiene services help reveal most undeliverable mail before printing and mailing. As the data is processed, Gila is electronically notified of issues, can correct the issue and resend without incurring the cost of a letter that could not be delivered.

In addition to the significant savings, RevSpring offers industry-leading security procedures, a Six Sigma quality assurance program led by a black belt, dedicated customer service representatives who answer all calls with a live voice and a corporate culture built on strong client relationships.

“When you buy the best, you don’t expect it to cost you less,” said Bruce Cummings, Gila’s president. “RevSpring has exceeded our expectations by every measure and saved us considerably more than they promised, which went straight to our bottom line.”

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