The Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) industry is still in a fluctuating state. While Accounts Receivables Management organizations must continue to meet changing regulatory compliance, companies must also retain a proactive stance when adopting new technologies and business solutions to address consumer expectations. Consumer preferences shift quickly. As a result, Accounts Receivables Management organizations must anticipate and try methods that will enhance ongoing communication and results. RevSpring offers several services that Accounts Receivables Management companies can implement to benefit consumers, maximize compliance, and improve performance:

  • Online Portal – Consumers value a comprehensive single-stop online payment platform to save time and make payments. Your online portal should enable customers to easily pay bills and self-manage all communications. Your portal should also allow customers to opt in and receive text or phone reminders. Equally as important is promoting your portal on your collection letters, Web site, IVR, hold messages, and other communication channels. RevSpring’s online portal offers these key functionalities and more.
  • Email – Consumers rely on electronic communications to conduct their everyday business. Accounts Receivables Management organizations can easily add secure, compliant email notices to their consumer communication platform – making it more convenient for consumers to interact with you.
  • eSign – eSign offers a fast, easy way to receive and track required signatures. Account Receivables Management organizations can benefit by reducing the time necessary to mail and receive documents requiring a signature, set required fields to eliminate incomplete forms, and monitor document status. Since eSign is sent in real time, agents can send and receive completed documents while on the phone with a consumer. Consumers can also use eSign from any internet-enabled device, including their phone and tablet.
  • Inbound IVR – Consumers have long been able to make payments by phone. However, not all phone systems are user friendly. Inbound IVR from RevSpring allows consumers to make payments 24/7/365. The technology is easy to use and supports multiple languages. If the consumer has difficulty with the automated system, Inbound IVR from RevSpring allows them to reach a live representative.

What solutions are your Accounts Receivables Management company utilizing to improve customer relationships and how are you optimizing the payment process? Click here to learn more about the variety of solutions available from RevSpring.

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