The most personal, effective way to engage

RevSpring’s engagement solutions let you connect on the right channels, with the right
message, at the right time.


A new approach to patient and consumer communications

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The new standard in engagement solutions

Engaging all patients and consumers the same way no longer generates the results needed to stay competitive. Our solutions pave the way for a targeted, more precise engagement strategy.


Tailor communications by channel and customer segment


Send account and billing communications based on specific patient and consumer segments and filters


Powerful integrations with numerous software platforms


Test new strategies. Measure and optimize the performance of each engagement workflow against your KPIs


Business rules and workflow automation


Track engagement performance analytics

Simplify the payment process

With Inbound IVR, an automated, easy-to-use telephone-payment service, patients and consumers have the ability to
self service their account or set up a payment plan when it’s most convenient for them. Agent-Assisted Inbound IVR
offers another layer of security for a more PCI-compliant payment.


Start sending the right message

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