The ARM industry has entered the digital era. In this RevSpring webinar, we speak with two experts in the field who are in the trenches and utilizing online technology.

Stephen Manz, Director of Portfolio Analytics at ERC and Dawn Balduf, Vice President Healthcare Receivables Management at UCB take center stage to discuss how email and online portals are changing the ARM landscape and helping organizations become more efficient.

In this webinar, you can learn how integrating email and online portals can improve the way you connect and communicate with your consumers.

Featured Case Studies in this Webinar

Case Study 1:

ERC offers email communications and e-Letters to better target and communicate with customers where traditional communication strategies have been unproductive over time. They have found that when they email customers the results are positive.

Case Study 2:

UCB offers a one stop shop for early out solutions, including the use of an online portal, providing a cost-effective way for clients to get online with minimal IT commitment and streamlined processing.

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