Consumer expectations have changed. Influenced by their experiences with sites like Google and Amazon, consumers now expect the same processes in the receivables space. To meet this shift, organizations must provide consumers with a platform that acknowledges this change by offering multiple opportunities to connect – while still ensuring compliance. You must meet customers via their preferred engagement channels and leverage these key touchpoints to increase results.
An active consumer engagement platform helps drive the desired response by implementing a multi-channel strategy. Your platform should include the following four key elements:
1)    Be Consumer-Centric – The platform must be simple and intuitive so users can easily complete their planned tasks
2)    Be Comprehensive – The platform must deliver a complete, single-source experience that provides consumers with all elements of their communication and payment needs
3)    Be Cost-Effective – To remain competitive, your organization needs to direct consumers to the lowest cost channels
4)    Be Compliant – Every interaction must meet all regulatory requirements
Consumers expect you to provide a solution that features multiple touch points to simplify the collections process. You can guide consumers through the process by building a path to your organization’s desired financial outcome. An active consumer engagement platform enables you to establish a that drives preferred financial outcomes for your business while also delivering an outstanding consumer experience.
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