The ARM industry has undergone a rapid transformation. Compliance and CFPB oversight is now part of our everyday vocabulary. The economic recovery continues to be sluggish. Consumer communication habits have radically changed. And there is an increased expectation for you to provide a superior consumer experience.

RevSpring, a longtime leader in ARM communication and payments technology, is pleased to announce a Webinar series that addresses these very issues.

A Transformational Approach for Consumer Engagement

The series begins with a Webinar focused on a transformational approach to communication. The conventional communication strategy of mailing letters and multiple call campaigns is no longer effective. Consumers are purchasing more mobile devices than desktops, abandoning home lines, and accessing information from their phone instead of a computer. More importantly, consumers are quickly adopting mobile and electronic communication methods such as receiving reminders and notifications of due dates, late notices, and other alerts via email and text. In order for ARM organizations to stay ahead of the curve, electronic delivery options must be part of the communication strategy.

In RevSpring’s webinar: A Transformational Approach to Communication, we dive into the world of online and mobile communication tactics for the ARM industry and provide best practices as well as strategies for adding email delivery and text messaging options to your existing communication program.

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