Mobile payments are rising as smartphone deployments continue to increase. In fact, smartphone shipments are expected to rise an additional 35% this year and mobile-based transactions are continuing the five-year trend of a nearly 120% annual growth. Forrester Research predicts mobile remittances will top $4.2 billion in 2014.
In response to these consumer trends, progressive receivables management organizations are adding electronic payment channels, including many that are mobile-friendly. Channels such as payment by text, IVR and of course online portals, including online negotiation.

RevSpring’s Webinar “A Transformational Approach to Payments” takes a look at consumer payment trends and the strategies that are being adopted by successful organizations.

In this 45-minute session learn the following:

  • How consumers are paying their bills
  • Which payment options can boost payments rates and the consumer experience
  • How to implement mobile-friendly payment channels, making the process easy and convenient

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