Consumer expectations continue to shift. Every organization must adopt strategies to maximize consumer engagement through its online portal. By providing a solution that is intuitive, easy to use, and drives the payment process, organizations can increase its ratio of success.
Here are four keys to optimizing your online portal to drive payments:
1)    Integrating Communication and Payment Strategy – Consumers prefer a single solution that meets all their communication and payment needs. Jumping between solutions is frustrating. Not having a multi-channel communication offering can lead to lost payment opportunities. Your online portal should be a one-stop-shop for all communication with consumers and provide easy steps to ensure payment.
2)    Providing an Environment of Compliance – Legal and regulatory issues continue to increase, which places increased complexity on the collections industry. A compliant and secure online portal offers is an absolute requirement in the current business environment.
3)    Offering a Variety of Payment Options – Not providing a full menu of payment options leads to frustration and abandoned portal visits. It’s difficult enough to draw consumers to your portal so provide the widest possible range of payment types, payment plans and online negotiation to ensure a successful conclusion.
4)    Leveraging Design – Quality visual communication has become a vital element of all communication efforts. Your online portal should apply the latest design principles to appeal to consumers and drive the desired response.

RevSpring understands the impact an optimized online portal can have on driving payments.  To learn more, watch our online recording of Optimizing Your Online Portal to Drive Payments to learn more about strategies and best practices.

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