Conducting an enterprise risk assessment may not sound appealing, but it could save your organization from significant costs and reputational harm.

The financial services sector continues to adjust to regulatory changes. As scrutiny grows, organizations must employ risk assessment processes as part of their corporate compliance strategies. A corporate compliance program is an internal operating system designed to detect and prevent violations of law by the agents, employees, officers and directors of a business. Conducting business without one is walking a high wire without a net.

Implementing an enterprise risk assessment policy as part of a corporate compliance program can help businesses proactively manage regulatory concerns. Doing so enables you to:

  • Define and evaluate risk
  • Gauge the current compliance landscape for key indicators
  • Identify potential compliance trends
  • Detect dangers in current processes
  • Address the value culture plays in your organization

On May 7 at 2 p.m. EDT, RevSpring will host its next webinar, “Conducting an Enterprise Risk Assessment.” Analiese Fusner, chief compliance officer at RevSpring, will cover the topics above and more.

By attending the webinar, you’ll learn valuable tips for establishing a risk assessment policy as part of a corporate compliance program that can deliver long-term, company-wide benefits.

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