Are you meeting consumer expectations? If not, you risk failure.

Consumers continue to build leverage in the receivables management space. Your goal is to find tools and channels that align with their expectations, including:

  • Providing access to instantaneous and aggregated information
  • Delivering radically faster service
  • Enabling self-service that meets their communication and lifestyle needs

Speed, convenience, and flexibility are keys to increasing collections effectiveness. Your business, therefore, must leverage the electronic communication channels most frequently used by customers. These include email, text message, and voice broadcast, while not eliminating traditional communication channels that are proven to successfully reach specific customers.

Finding the right strategic balance is critical to ensure your business adapts with the market and evolving customer expectations.

On April 14 at 2 p.m. EDT, RevSpring will host a free webinar titled, “5 Techniques to Increase Collections Effectiveness.” By attending this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Maximizing electronic communication channels to reach customers
  • Employing strategies to improve communication channel effectiveness
  • Implementing communication readability and design concepts to build conversion rates
  • Leveraging mobile and self-service portals to increase success

Click here to register now for this illuminating webinar.

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